• Did you Know Live in Care is Less Expensive than Residential Care

    If you have a relative who needs professional care, you’re probably weighing up the options open to them right now. An obvious option for many is residential care, and that’s understandable. But from a cost perspective, live in care might actually be a better option than residential care.

    Of course, it’s not just about the costs. There are lots of reasons why live in care might be a preferential solution to your family member’s needs compared to residential care. That’s what we’re going to delve into in more depth right now, so read on to learn more.

    The Cost of Live In Care

    Money does matter when it comes to finding the right care solution. Everyone has financial constraints and that’s just the way it is. So, let’s look at how Orchid Care’s live in service compares to residential options.

    Orchid Care Live In Care Costs

    Orchid Care offers 24-hour live in care. The cost of this service is, in total, £742 per week. This includes the agency fee, administration, the carer’s wage and travel expenses. It might vary depending on the travel requirements but £742 is around the amount you will need to pay for the service. That would mean paying around £36,000 per year for the care that’s provided.

    How it Compares to Average Residential Options

    Most research has found that good residential care options cost around £1000 per week, amounting to more than £50,000 per year. So, as you can see, it’s more expensive to pay for residential care than to pay for live in care, so it’s definitely something to take into account when you’re deciding with your relative which is the best care option for them. Live in care offers other benefits mentioned below, and it does so at a lower cost to you.

    The Benefits of Live In Care

    As we mentioned above, there are many reasons besides monetary ones why your family member should opt for live in care over a residential option. Here those reasons are explained clearly.

    No Need for Your Relative to Leave Their Cherished Home

    Many people who are facing the possibility of going into care hate the idea of leaving their home. Many elderly people have lived in their homes for many years or even many decades. Taking them out of that situation and putting them in a whole new one that they’ll need to get used to can be a real shock to the system and many people don’t cope with this change too well.

    More Independence for Them

    People are able to be more independent when they stay in their home and receive live in care support. They are in the surroundings they’re used to, they know where everything is and they have their own routines that they can stick to. It means they don’t have to rely on other people quite so much, and this can be about pride as much as anything else for many receivers of care.

    Personal One to One Support

    In a residential care facility, there will usually be more people to care for than there are carers on hand. It means that each carer has to deal with various people at the same time. However, when live in care is provided, the support offered is be one to one. It means that someone will always be there to assist your relative when they need assistance, no matter what time of day or night it is.


    One thing that comes as a result of that one to one support is a greater level of companionship. It means that your relative will have someone with them who they can bond with and grow to trust. That’s not always the way in a residential care facility where the carers have less time and switch jobs more often. Companionship can really help with avoiding loneliness in the elderly too.

    No Need to Have Pets Removed

    Lots of people worry about their pets and have to go through the pain of losing them if they are taken into residential care. Luckily, that’s not something that has to happen if a live in care option is chosen instead. It might seem like a little thing but it’s a big deal to anyone who’s a pet owner.

    Choosing which path to take for a family member’s care needs is always tough. There are different interests and benefits to weigh up, so take your time. But be sure to take into account the information discussed here as you do so. If you require more information be sure to call or contact us now