Live In Care Fees and Contracts

Orchid Care is an agency and all carers are self-employed. The carer is responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance.

Fees to Orchid Care Agency

Orchid Care charges a one off administration fee of £125. This is to be paid at the time when you, the client, sign your contract prior to engagement with Orchid Care. This fee covers the cost of the paperwork contracts and assessment,

In addition, an agency fee of £105 per week, payable in advance is to be made to Orchid Care. This covers the costs of administration and ongoing management. This will be paid by ongoing standing order.

Fees to your carer

You will pay your carer a weekly sum of £630, payable by ongoing standing order. In addition to this, you, as the client, will pay the carer’s travel expenses for travel to your home. If the carer uses their car the cost will be 35 pence per mile. If they use public transport you will pay for the cost of second class transport. You are not expected to pay expenses when they finish duties with you to commence another job or when they are on a break.


There are two contracts:

  1. A contract between the agency and the carer and
  2. A contract between the agency and the client.

These contracts state in detail the obligations of both parties within the contract. These contracts help to ensure that all parties involved are aware of their obligations and that the terms of service have been outlined. We are happy to provide you a copy of these contracts on request.