• Live in Care Can be Less Expensive than a Care Home

    For the most part, most people in need of care services would always rather remain in their own home. This is understandable. We all feel happier and more content in our own space, after all. Also, for many of us, the loss of independence we associate with moving to a care home is incredibly concerning.

    Live in care agencyHowever, despite these worries, many people opt for a care home regardless – even though it is not their preferred choice. One of the key reasons this can happen is not related to a sudden change in preference, but concerns over price. Given the importance of finding a care scenario that is suitable for the individual, the fact that cost alone can dictate such an important choice is concerning. This is especially true given that that choice may be being made on an incorrect assumption.

    The ability to be cared for at home

    There are a variety of options available for those who would prefer to be cared for in their own home. For those with lower levels of need, occasional visits from a carer may be sufficient to ensure they are able to remain healthy and content.

    However, for more substantial care needs, occasional visits will no longer be sufficient. In these instances, people have two choices:

    1. Employ a live in carer to provide caring assistance as and when required.
    2. Move into a residential care home.

    Most people would prefer option A, as this allows them to remain living in their own home for as long as they wish. However, the mere idea of live in care sounds expensive, and is far from the conventional choice. As a result, many people believe they have no choice but to select option B, and move into a residential care home through perceived lack of choice.

    The reality of live in care

    Despite the common misconception, employing a live in carer can often be more affordable than moving into a residential care home. It is important that residents of Brighton, Eastbourne, Worthing and Crowborough note this when considering their own care options. You do not have to move into a residential care home due to a belief that it is the only affordable option. In fact, care services based in Sussex such as Orchid Care can provide outstanding levels of live in care in your own home if you live in the region.

    Other advantages of choosing live in care

    As well as the ability to stay in your own home in Sussex, live in care has a number of benefits. These include the ability to continue to enjoy home-cooked food, remaining in a neighbourhood you care for, and feeling the contentment of being able to enjoy familiar surroundings where you feel most comfortable. It is also worth noting that live in care across Sussex is provided on a contractual basis, so you have the option to see how life with a live in carer suits you. This saves you having to commit absolutely as you would if you moved into a residential care home.

    In conclusion

    Residential care homes can be beneficial, but it is important to know that they are far from the only option available. Hiring a live in carer from the Orchid Care is likely to be more affordable than you imagined. It is well worth investigating this option when selecting your care needs. Contact us to find out more.