• Live In Care Helps Overcome Loneliness in the Elderly

    When weighing up the care options for an elderly relative, one of the things that you should be careful not to ignore is loneliness. One of the biggest problems people face in care is the issue of loneliness, and in many ways it can be made worse by the residential care system. That’s why live in care is worth serious consideration.

    Live in care allows the person to stay in their home and have a carer nearby at all times. They can get the care they need without being removed from their surroundings. There are many ways in which this can help to avoid problems such as loneliness, so read on to find out more.

    Loneliness Increases in Residential Care

    Many people assume that people in residential care will have fewer problems with issues like loneliness, but that may not always be the case. Instead, people’s problems may increase because they are in a new place that they don’t recognise and, being surrounded by strangers they’re not necessarily connecting with, can make them more isolated. So, even if it seems like being around other people in a residential care facility might be a good idea, that’s not necessarily the case. The opposite is often true for many people and that’s something you have to take into account.

    Live in Care Means Staying at Home

    The most obvious benefit of live in care over residential options is that it means your relative staying in their own home. This is the place where they feel most comfortable, so they’ll probably be very happy to stay there. This is something you can discuss with them so you can understand their priorities. If it turns out they want to stay there, they’ll be less likely to suffer loneliness if you allow them to do so. They’ll be around their neighbours and familiar surroundings that help people feel a little less lonely.

    Greater Companionship

    When someone is being cared for in their home by a carer who’s always there, they get a greater level of companionship. It gives them someone to talk to and eat their meals with. It’s the simple things like that that can be so important when it comes to staving off loneliness and helping elderly people feel happier and more socially engaged as they get older. The carer becomes more than simply a carer, because they’re there all the time offering that companionship.

    Keeping Possessions and Pets Close By

    One of the overlooked things many elderly people struggle with when they have to go into care is their pets. They don’t want to have to give their pets away when going into a care facility. Well, that’s something that doesn’t have to happen if you choose to provide them with a live in care solution. Having their pets close by even as they receive care makes them feel less lonely and isolated. And the same applies to their possessions that they might have cherished for a long time.

    Friends and Neighbours Stay in Touch

    When they’re staying in their home receiving live in care, they will still be able to see their friends and neighbours. They’ll be able to visit them as they always do, and that’s not always possible when they’re moved away to a residential care home. Being able to stay in touch with those people makes them a lot less lonely and less isolated, which definitely makes a big difference. They’ll have the chance to spend time with the people that matter to them and not be forced to only see a limited number of people in designated visiting times.

    A Good Match Can be Found

    It’s essential for the care provider you use to find a good fit. They’ll find a carer who’s a match for your relative so that everyone can be sure the relationship between the carer and your relative is going to be positive. That’s obviously a pretty big deal because no one wants to be trapped in a situation with a carer that they don’t like or get along with for whatever reason, but that’s not something you have to worry about.

    Loneliness in the elderly is a massive problem and it’s one that’s getting worse for many people. If you have a loved one who needs care and who doesn’t have much company throughout the day, it makes sense to choose a live in carer who will be able to offer them the right support and keep loneliness at bay. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call or contact us.