• Orchid Care Specialise in Providing Professional and Caring Live in Care Services

    Getting older is a taboo subject. Although we will  experience it one day, the majority of us like to cross the bridge when it appears. Until that point, there’s little time given to thinking about it. At Orchid Care, we understand the difficulty involved in choosing the right care for yourself or your loved one. It can be incredibly tough and stressful.

    That’s why we work to minimise your discomfort, physical and mental, with our 24-hour live-in care services. Whether you need a live-in carer to help at home or for a family member, you can trust us as we put honesty, integrity and commitment first.

    Our Live in Care Services

    When you opt for live-in care service, you benefit from the following:

    – Companionship

    – Housekeeping

    – Cooking

    – Driving

    – Gardening Assistance with personal care

    – Convalescence

    – Respite

    We understand that needing a helping hand does not mean you are incapable of looking after yourself. Old age can make the simplest tasks a lot tougher yet you don’t want to forego your independence. That’s why we are committed to supporting you, to enable you to continue to live autonomously in your own home. And, thanks to our high-quality, live-in care service, this can become a reality. Your golden years should be the best of your life. Let us ensure they don’t pass you by in a series of aches and pains.

    The Individual

    We value your independence and we mean it, which is why there aren’t any set services. As soon as you get in contact with us via the website or with a phone call, we’ll invite you and your loved ones to meet with us face-to-face. With a friendly advisor and a cup of tea, that’s when we get down to the process of tailoring our service to your needs. We can discuss how you want to best use the live-in care feature to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable.

    We are accessible via phone (01903 538475) or email (orchidcare@btinternet.com).

    What Happens Next?

    You’ll be matched with a live-in carer, but not the first one that’s available. Orchid Care prides itself on its ability to tailor its service to its customers. Therefore, the carer will be selected based on the following criterion:

    – Commitment to your needs

    – Consideration for your emotional, social and cultural wellbeing

    Only when a carer who hits the brief is found will you be paired with a partner. Until that point, we’ll continue to search our database for the perfect match. Not only that, but we provide our staff with regular support too. Here at Orchid Care, we believe it’s essential to keep our carers on an even keel to ensure they maintain their high standards. So, it isn’t only the customers who benefit from our rigorous standards.

    The Staff

    A range of staff is available to make sure we can help you regardless of the time of day. Orchid is a 24-hour, client-centred care company and that means being open from morning through to the late evenings.

    The professional in charge is Julie Wilson, the manager of Orchid Care. Thanks to her twenty-four years of experience, she understands what patients need to maintain their lifestyle. Plus, as a former live-in carer, she has been on the ground and knows what it takes to manage a group of high-quality nurses.

    Julie wants you to have the right to choose how to live your life, and it reflects in her management style. That’s why we think she’s the perfect choice to lead our care service and help people who require it the most.

    Testimonials and Referrals

    As ever, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. We are proud to say we receive dozens of positive testimonials from previous clients detailing how much they enjoyed their stay.

    “Orchid Care have provided live-in care for my mother for the last three years. The quality of her care from all her carers and the support provided by Julie has been excellent. This has enabled Mum to stay happily in her own home during this time.”

    On top of that, we also deal with professional referrals from doctors and experts within the sector.

    Orchid Care

    Whatever your worries, you don’t have to fret over them any longer. The ultimate 24-hour live-in care package is a phone call away when you choose us for your health needs.