• Short Term Live in Care

    We at Orchid Care are proud to offer a range of comprehensive care services to individuals caring for a family member full time. We understand that caring is a full-time job in and of itself, which can make it difficult to find the time you need to socialise, relax, spend time with friends, and just live your own life for a while. In order to provide carers with the assistance they need, we have designed a short term live in care plan that ensures both you, and the person you are caring for, are always as well-supported as you can possibly be.

    About Orchid Care’s short term live in care

    Our short term live in care plan is designed with two primary goals in mind:

    • You, the carer, are able to enjoy a period of respite from your caring duties, so you can relax, visit friends and family, and take a little time for yourself.
    • The person you care for can be assured of a high standard of 24-hour live in care during your respite, in an environment that is familiar to them.

    Our live in care plan is essentially a way of ensuring both the needs of you and the person you are caring for are fully met. You can enjoy a break thanks to the peace of mind of knowing your family member’s needs are met, while the person you care for can relax in their own home while still benefiting from attentive, professional, and highly-qualified care – the best of both worlds.

    24 hour live-in care services provided by Orchid Care

    When you opt for our respite live in care plan, you can look forward to a comprehensive service. We will:

    • Continue the daily routine you usually adhere to, in order to minimise disturbance for your family member
    • Provide vital companionship for your family member, including engaging in hobbies and arranging days out if preferred
    • Full management of all health-related needs, such as organising doctor or hospital visits, managing medication, and administration of medication if required
    • Cleaning and household management, so you can be sure you will return to a well-ordered home
    • Provide assistance with all personal care requirements, such as washing, dressing, incontinence care, and so on

    How we configure our live-in care plans

    First and foremost, all of our plans begin with a thorough assessment of your current caring requirements and routines. We will then provide a support plan that echoes your established routine, detailing the care levels your family member will receive while you are away.

    When the care period begins, you will receive regular updates from your family member’s dedicated care manager, so you can be sure that all is well at home. Furthermore, you can also be confident that the live-in carer is well supported and supervised at all times by our local team, all of whom are dedicated to ensuring your loved one’s safety, security, and happiness is the priority at all times.

    The benefits of Orchid Care respite live in care

    • Simple service. We will do all we can to ensure that we can perfectly align with your existing caring schedule in a stress-free, straightforward way.
    • Less upheaval. Conventional respite care usually involves a long process of relocating your family member for the duration; with live in care, such a process is unnecessary, which makes the transition all the simpler for everyone involved.
    • Great independence for you. You can enjoy the opportunity to take a break and refresh as and when required, safe in the knowledge that your family member’s needs will still be taken care of.
    • One-to-one care. Care homes can be hugely beneficial, but they do limit the amount of one-to-one time a carer has with each individual. In contrast, a short-term live in carer will solely focus on your family member in order to ensure their comfort and happiness is maintained at all times.
    • Explore future plans. If you have considered a long-term live in carer in the past, our respite live in care option is an excellent way of testing the service and seeing how it works for you and your family member.

    Orchid Care live in care service areas

    Orchid Care are able to provide short term live in care to households across Sussex, including Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing, Eastbourne, and the surrounding areas.

    Please do get in touch today!

    To find out more about the Orchid Care respite live in care plan, and to discuss your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.