• So What Exactly is Live-in Care?

    Live in care is the most comprehensive type of care service we provide, allowing you – or a family member – to benefit from the assurance that a wide range of care requirements will be met.

    About Orchid Care’s live in care

    We provide live in care services for individuals who wish to stay living in their own homes but still ensure that their care needs are met. Care and support will be provided by a highly-trained, expert individual, who lives in the same domestic property as the individual requiring support. So if you are arranging a live-in carer for yourself, then your carer would live in your home; if you are arranging a live-in carer for a family member who lives in a separate property, then the carer would live with your family member in that property.

    As the term “live in care” suggests, our carers will be on hand to provide 24 hour, round-the-clock assistance – offering far more flexibility and convenience than standard caring arrangements. With live in care, you can be sure that the carer will always be there, whatever time of day it is, for you or your family member.

    Live in care services provided by Orchid Care

    As a highly-experienced, expert care team, we at Orchid Care have sought to ensure our live-in care is as wide-ranging as possible. Our trained, specialist carers can provide assistance with a variety of different tasks and needs, including:

    • Offering mobility support around the home and ensuring you or your family member are always safe and comfortable
    • Running errands, such as collecting medication from a pharmacy or posting letters
    • Laundry tasks, such as washing clothes, ironing them, and then folding away
    • All household chores, including vacuuming, cleaning, and so on, in order to ensure a pleasant environment
    • Medication assistance, such as providing reminders or – if required – assisting with the administration of medicines
    • Assistance with the management of conditions such as diabetes
    • Support with personal care needs, such as washing, bathing, and toileting
    • Assistance outside of the house, be it attending medical appointments, or simply socialising with friends
    • Pet care, including walking dogs and feeding all animals

    Essentially, a live-in carer provided by Orchid Care is there to make your life easier, offering assistance when required and providing a source of companionship and friendship. While many people believe that live-in care primarily focuses on personal care tasks, by choosing an Orchid Care live in carer, you or your family member can benefit from an all-encompassing care approach that makes life simpler, safer, and more comfortable in all respects.

    How we configure our live-in care plans

    At Orchid Care, we understand that every individual we work with has their own needs, requirements, and preferences, so every live in care arrangement we create is custom-designed for each individual. We will work with you, or your family member, to understand all requirements and create a care plan that assists as required.

    The benefits of Orchid Care live in care

    • Home comforts. Arguably the biggest benefit of opting for a live in carer is the ability for an individual to stay in their own home, surrounded by a familiar environment and all of their home comforts.
    • Highly affordable. Many people believe that live in care is an expensive choice when compared to a conventional care home, but this is not the case – in fact, live in care can be a more affordable option than a standard residential care home.
    • The ability to set your own schedule. Care homes can be somewhat rigid in terms of the schedule they provide; live-in care allows you or your family member to continue your own schedule as you wish, but with the benefit of additional support as and when you require.
    • Personal freedom. Live in care allows the individual to do as they please, whenever they please; if they want to host family and friends at their home, they can do so – it’s their home, so they set the rules.
    • Companionship. Orchid Care carers seek to build strong relationships with the individuals they care for, so you or your family member can enjoy the company of a friendly, trusted individual.

    Orchid care 24 hour live in care service areas

    The Orchid Care live-in care service is available throughout Sussex, including Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Worthing, Brighton, and the nearby areas.

    Please do get in touch today!

    To find out more about Orchid Care’s live in care service, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. We look forward to providing you, or your family member, with a high-quality live in care experience in future.